Being Pegged For The First Time? Read This!

UK Pegging
UK Pegging

So you and your partner have decided to give pegging a try, what now? Firstly, congratulations! You’re both on the path to having a more intimate relationship. Not to mention, a whole new variety of options for sexual adventure. Of course, you’re probably a little nervous, wondering how it works, or, how it’s going to feel. There’s no shame in that. Everyone is nervous their first time. Men and women alike.

Men: Whether you’ve experienced anal play or not, letting your woman take control is a little nerve-wrecking. You’re stepping into the position you’re used to her being in. That’s a whole new level of trust you’re giving her. You’re giving her the power to hurt you, but trusting that she’s going to make you feel good instead. You’re letting her take control, but trusting that she won’t abuse it.

Women: It’s exciting to take control, right? You’re likely working yourself up, thinking about how hot it’s going to be. One of the biggest sexual turn-ons about pegging is the visual of your man surrendering control to you. Giving in, and moving to your pace. But, don’t lose sight of making him feel good as well. It can be overwhelming to switch roles, especially the first time. You have to make sure you’re moving forward at a pace he’s comfortable with. Otherwise, the whole experience will be a bust!

Now, before you get to pegging, there are three things you need to know:

Have lubrication, and plenty of it!

The first time a man is being pegged, he will likely need a good deal of lubricant. It’s not like vaginal sex, where the entrance can self-lubricate. The anus doesn’t have that ability, so it will need assistance to get ready for insertion. If you’ve already done some anal play, you already know the importance of lubrication. If you haven’t, please start with something small. It can be physically shocking and traumatizing to have something inserted inside of you before you’re ready. You don’t want to put your man through that! So, ease him into pegging with a little bit of foreplay. Fingers, smaller toys, you name it. Just make sure he’s ready before you go all-in.

An important thing to note is that the size of your toy really matters!

When you’re pegging for the first time, you need to be eased into the idea. You won’t want to use a strapon that is oversized, because it’s likely to be too much to handle. Since the strapon is not a part of you, there’s a chance you won’t be able to feel if you’re too deep. Your partner might not want to say anything, unsure of how it’s supposed to feel. It happens a lot to first time peggers. Again, foreplay helps to prepare for pegging. Then, use something around the 5-6 inch mark in length that isn’t very thick. Later on, you can get something bigger if your partner wants.

It’s easy to lose control in the moment and that’s fine if you’re both into it.

Pegging is a whole new level when it comes to the way we think about sex. Usually, a woman is the loud one, moaning to express her pleasure during sexual play. When it comes to pegging, it is going to be the man who is more verbal. Many women find this to be one of the sexiest things about pegging. If you’ve read Cosmopolitan magazine, you already know. As a man, you shouldn’t feel insecure about the sounds you might make. If you’re enjoying yourself, don’t over-think it. Give into the moment. Give into the experience. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself “too much”, because there’s no such thing!

In closing, pegging is a great way to bring two lovers together. The role reversal is mentally stimulating, while also being physically rewarding for both parties. As long as you’re both taking it slow and communicating, you’re going to have the time of your life!