The Ultimate Pegging Sex Blueprint

Too many of us are afraid to ask to explore different sexual desires. Sometimes, it’s about giving up control to someone else. Other times, it’s about taking control away. As long as these desires are mutual and consensual, anything goes. There are so many fantasies and desires, it would be impossible to cover them all. […]

Pegging With A Strap On – What Women Think

It’s easy enough to figure out the benefits of pegging for a male participant. Yes, it’s a little uncomfortable for the first-timers, but it quickly turns into a whole new world of excitement. Men have pleasure spots inside of their anus. When stimulated, this can bring on a whole new kind of orgasm. Especially if […]

Strap On Sex Tips: How A Woman Can Get Pleasure From Pegging

The first thing you need to understand about pegging is the pleasure is largely psychological. There are ways that the interaction can be physically pleasureable, but it’s largely the brain that gets the most excited. For many, it’s a thrill to be doing something different. It’s stepping outside the box of traditional love-making, allowing partners […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Strapon Pegging And Were Afraid To Ask

Everything You Wanted To Know About Strapon Pegging And Were Afraid To Ask Not everyone is comfortable approaching the subject of pegging. You may think it’s awkward to say “baby, would it be okay if I bent you over for a change?” Well, you’re not exactly wrong. There is an element of awkwardness to asking […]

Discover The Secrets To Pegging Dating You’ve Always Dreamed Of

If you’re interested in pegging, then good for you! You’ve made a positive decision to increase the intimacy of your relationship. Now, you’ve just got to get your partner on board with the whole idea. Sometimes, that’s easy enough. Other times, it may take a little convincing. Overall, your partner is likely to want to […]

Best Sex Positions For Pegging Revealed

Just like any other type of sex, there are a variety of positions for pegging. The ones you choose to will be based on how enjoyable they are for both parties involved in the activity. Different angles will stimulate different areas. Certain positions will be more visually stimulating than others. Plus, there are the angles […]

Best Pegging Partners Secrets Revealed

One of the best things about any relationship is a shared trust in each other. Let’s face it, without trust, we have nothing. Our love lives rely on that trust to truly have the chance to flourish. Although, many people like to forget how important trust is. It can really change a relationship when that […]

Being Pegged For The First Time? Read This!

So you and your partner have decided to give pegging a try, what now? Firstly, congratulations! You’re both on the path to having a more intimate relationship. Not to mention, a whole new variety of options for sexual adventure. Of course, you’re probably a little nervous, wondering how it works, or, how it’s going to […]

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Pegging

You’ve likely heard the term “pegging”. A part of you is curious to know what it’s all about. At the same time, you’re not sure who to ask or where to even find that kind of information. If you’ve arrived here, you’re on the right track! We’re going to answer some of the most burning […]

5 Ways To Power Up Your Pegging

One of the most intense sexual experiences lies in the world of pegging. To truly open yourself in such a way, that you give your complete trust to another human being. It is emotionally and physically intense. This can be the experience of a life time, especially if it’s something you’ve never tried before. If […]